Myrskybongausharrastus alkaa vähitellen heräämään tauolta henkiin. Ohessa muutama linkki näin alkajaisiksi.

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  1. Hi!

    Sorry to bother you, but my name is Vincent and I’m from Montréal, Canada. I read on one of your post that one of your friend brought you back siling labuyo seed while scuba diving in the Philippine. I was wondering if we could arrange some kind of trade or sale because I have been looking for these for a while. I saw them in the Phillipines before and didn’t bother bringing the seed back. I have been asking the family of my girlfriend (she’s Filipina) for some, but they keep sending by Thai paper without understanding the difference. To them, any hot pepper is silling labuyo. So it would be awesome if you could either sell me a few or trade something. I have many pepper seed but I have a feeling you already have everything I have. But if you need anything from Canada that would be light to ship I could do that too.

    In any case, thanks a lot, and I wish you a happy new year to you and your family!

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